Subject: File No.
From: Kathryn E Hanson

March 17, 2017

Many people voted for (now) President Trump's promise to rein in excessive perks and pay for corporate officers, knowing that the "Trickle Down" Theory of economics doesn't work for the average American.

My father, an economist, protested against a 10X pay differential between the lowest-paid employee and corporate officers. He felt it unsustainable and an indication of weak economic policy that would do much to concentrate wealth in the pockets of a few while reducing the diversity of our larger economy. We have seen exactly this. The strongest, most diverse economy is one in which a country that is able to provide the greatest discretionary income to the greatest portion of their population. Taxes, especially for the very wealthy are very low already. The concept of an economy of increasing wealth for the greater portion of Americans appears simple, but, evidently, difficult in practice -- at least for politicians.

Now, it is hardly likely that you are in a position to change the above reality, however, it is possible for the ratio of pay of corporate officers vs that of their employees be disclosed should the stock of the firm be publicly traded. If we wish to have a capitalistic economic system, then perhaps you should support greater transparency of this sort. A capitalistic economic system relies on "perfect" market knowledge. Why reduce rather than strengthen the system?

Thank you for your time