Subject: File No.
From: John W O Anderson, PE
Affiliation: Professional Engineer and Project Manager , self enployed

Aug. 24, 2022

February 7, 2017

I am an investor in many US corporations, one of the ratios I want to consider is the pay of the CEO compared to the average employee. I will cast my proxy vote based on this information. Why should the CEO make 100 or 1000X the pay of the average worker? This is pure [REDACTED] Stand up for what made this country great, a reasonable rate of pay for the people who do the work compared to the CEO The CEO should not make more than 10X or 20X the median wage in the corporation. I do not believe corporations can not calculate the medium income of their employees at this point in time. We put men in space with slide rules and no calculators in 1969, give me a break.
Best Regards, John Anderson PE