Subject: CEO-worker pay ratio
From: Liz Loria

April 3, 2017

Chairman Michael S. Piwowar,

My comments are as a citizen very concerned about the inequality of wages and wealth in our country. I am not a CEO or wealthy person but as a retired teacher , active member of my community, and person of faith wanted to share my view.

I have read some of the comments regarding changing parts of the Dodd-Frank tax reform legislation and the efforts on the part of executives to defend the changes to relax the regulations. They sound so impressive and thorough, for instance, the remarks from the giant corporation of Borg-Warner. I realize the perceived negative results of complying with this provision of the Dodd-Frank bill. "hurting employee morale" sounds commendable, however the hurt comes from the shocking realization of the huge inequality between the pay ratios as well as the extreme lack of transparency within a company community.

I agree with people such as Michael Kramer of Natural Investments when he states among other comments that it is
"essential that the SEC protect the public interest, not the preferences of corporate management." Also, being a fan and learning so much from Chuck Collins and the Patriotic Millionaires, there is a large base of wealthy Americans who see this issue the same way.

This is the spirit of the reform legislation in the first place. If our country is going to be true to its values of 'for the people, by the people and of the people' not just the top 1%.

Please consider these views of the very many...not just the few.


Elizabeth M. Loria