Subject: Other Initiatives to be Undertaken by the SEC in Response to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
From: Larry D. Hardin

August 24, 2010

08/24/12 I am a 74 yr old Real Estate Broker and Appraiser.
I have been Appraising Residential and Light Commercial properties since 1963.on a full time basis.
The Dodd Frank Rule is now requiring me to have an Associates degree to continue my profession.
I am a Licensed Residential Appraiser in Ohio , [redacted] also a Licensed Real Estate Broker File # [redacted] Ohio and Have been since 1962.
I am to old to go to school , ( especially to learn what I all ready know )
There have been hundreds of Appraisers drop out of the profession because of these requirement.
With all the problems the country is having with the Real Estate Industry ( most of which has been caused by the bad Leadership in Fannie Mae and HUD, that still continues ) It appears to me that keeping the experienced people by Grandfathering would have been a smarter position to take.
Forcing people out and losing the opportunity to at least get through this crisis and have some ability to have proper Appraisals by experienced people which has been gained by education and actual working in the field. I do not believe Dodd or Frank have any experience in this field and should not have made regulations for it. .
These new regulations will create a need for higher report costs and less people in the field due to a profession that, in most areas create an income in the Poverty Level.
I would like to see this changed and Grandfathering be placed in it.
I think the proper education is great but an Associates Degree is a waste of time.
There are schools in place that can set up education classes and guide lines a lot more efficient and dependable than Dodd -Frank regulations.
Best Regards
Larry D. Hardin