Subject: File No. JOBS Act Title IV
From: Thomas D ORourke
Affiliation: Pres, Alpine Ventures

September 26, 2012

Now that the bubble-ponzi-credit-fueled-phony-no-one-ever-loses, housing-mortgage-related derivatives- toxic-unproductive uses of capital 02-08 period and resulting fallout are past, the timing of this critical new rule cannot be overstated.

As someone who has either raised capital for, and invested in startup and growing companies since 1985 (in every instance hired American workers), and who between 2002 and 2008 was sickened/dis-heartened by the impact of HORRIBLE de-regulation, Gramm Leach Blilely aka "Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999" in action for the period.

Milton Friedman RIP, went to his grave screaming about that one.

I can tell you without reservation that the JOBS Act as it relates to new/small company capital formation is LONG over due.

In particular a company and its advocates seeking capital at its behest, should be free to "tell their story" without fear of over zealous regulation, at the behest of the big banks/mutual funds, to stifle competition and their attempts to keep "captured assets" captured, and the clueless, clueless.

I urge ALL at the SEC to read ANY comments from David Weild (former Vice Chairman of NASDAQ), as he and his partner David Kim wrote an excellent paper titled "Why IPO's are in the ECU" explaining it best.

In closing before someone invests their money in a new venture, growing, small business etc. the only requirement that makes any sense is they sign a simple 1 page document that states there are NO GUARANTEES and he/she may lose their entire investment if things go south.

That isn't even required for someone to "lose it all" in Vegas nor was it required while folks were literally "betting the ranch" encouraged by realtors, builders, and banks between 02'-08'.

Thank you.

Tom O'Rourke
Alpine Ventures
Cresskill, NJ