Subject: File No. JOBS Act Title III
From: Jonathan Koller

May 2, 2012

1) Don't wait till January 1st, 2013. Enact rules now.

2) Encourage portfolio diversification by exempting small investments ($10/day) from stringent educational requirements or warnings.

3) Don't prevent sites from treating different types of investors differently.

4) Require sites to publish statistics on the status of their investors--a distribution of success rates--as well as statistics on their investments.

5) Create a .gov website that lists all crowdfunding portals with their submitted metrics and is sortable by various metrics. Design metrics to encourage portfolio diversification.

6) Allow portals to broker an array of debt and equity products.

7) Allow portals to retain custody of investment proceeds to encourage reinvestment of funds. Allow portals to invest a large portion of custodial assets in US Treasury Bonds and retain proceeds from bond yields.

8) Allow for the creation of investment pools where a smaller number of individuals direct the investment dollars of a larger number of individuals. Disallow the compensation of the smaller number by the larger number.

9) Do not require any paper notice of any kind.

10) Have fun making the rules