Subject: File No. JOBS Act Title III
From: Gregory Reid, 3016147
Affiliation: novadolla

November 8, 2015

These title 3 rules are effeminately not fair. I believe the accredited investor rule should be earned base on your financial knowledge not your net worth. There are Harvard graduates who are great at finance but do not meet the accredited status, however they are not allowed to invest in private equity. However Taylor Swift can invest despite knowing nothing about investing. These rules are not doing anything but forcing people to look else where (craigslist) for investment opportunity and eventually getting scammed out of thousands of dollars. I can testify to that. I was looking to invest in startup with but was turned away because of not being accredited, i ended up losing 10,000 to a scam artist. Which is money that i could afford to lose, however i would rather lose it to something legitimate. The criteria for accredit investor should be lowered or be based on finance knowledge as oppose to net worth etc. Maybe implement an accredidation course that one must pass. Also here is a great site which breaks it down