Subject: File No. JOBS Act Title III
From: Keith Williams

March 2, 2013

Dear SEC,

Thank you for this opportunity for me to speak with you about this matter. I would like to applaud you for taking as much time as needed to make informed decisions on the behalf of the American people. There should not be a rushed time limit in regards to the protection of the American people's hard earned money.

A lot has been said on the need for the SEC to rush out rules as quickly as possible. Many have argued that uncertainty is preventing their companies from raising the necessary capital to succeed. However, I believe that is a foolhardy consideration that the SEC should not take into advisement.

Your job - from what I've seen - is not to grow businesses. The person needing crowdfunded capital is not your concern. Their desperate pleas for certainty should not be a concern with your dealings of this matter of great importance to the American investor. Your responsibility is to regulate the financial dealings between issuers and investors. Your purpose is to protect the public at large from abuse and fraud in the financial arena. I implore you to keep that squarely in mind as the pressure mounts for you to make quick decisions that affect us all.

The only real contribution I have to add is that I strongly urge the Commission to consider expanding and strengthening reporting rules in regards to issuers. In addition, I request that SEC provide a centralized reporting and compliance platform in which issuers could provide a detailed offering of their goods and membership. And potential investors could research the backgrounds and membership of crowdfunding issuers. Transparency should be the mandate and not an option. After past loosening of previous investment regulations have shown us, there are more than a few people more than willing to commit fraud on unsophisticated investors.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Keith Williams