Subject: File No. JOBS Act Title III
From: yann le jeune
Affiliation: CEO French Crowdfund Platform

September 1, 2012

please know that the whole world are looking at your decision for allowing every American people become an investor for its country. Why are you attempting to block this democratical decision ? Why do you want to block American people to invest 10$ or 50$ or 100$ in what they believe good for us and for your country, for our world ?

Europe, at least, is watching you. History is not something that can be blocked, M. Shapiro. Please believe that the power of Internet will not be stopped because you only care about rich people, or political games. People like me, with incomes of 2000 or 3000$ a month, are investors as well, sorry for you if you believe I am not "qualified". I get a MBA in finance and e-commerce, I created 2 companies, and I am not qualified because I get 3000 $ incomes ? Rich people have not the monopoly any more to invest in what they believe. In France, we don't car about your name, M. Shapiro. But I imagine how all the new Internet world would never forget the one who will have courage enough to declare freedom for crowdfunding,with limits proposed in the JOBS Act, for all people who want to act to help creating jobs and progress for your country, for our world.

You have this opportuniy to do it, or to let your successory to do it himself.

Please take the most important decision of your life. The one is not for you, for "qualified investors", for a small community. This decision is for the whole world. For your children, and their ones.

Please excuse my poor english level, but, please, HELP US CREATING JOBS WITH CROWDFUNDING. MAKE IT EASY, TRANSPARENT, AND ETHICAL. JUST FOLLOW THE JOBS ACT, voted in a democratical way.