Subject: File No. JOBS Act Title III
From: Chase Becotte

August 31, 2012

It seems a bit concerning to me that that it might become more complicated than less complicated to get involved in Crowdfunding, according to what's come from the SEC so far. I have no problem with lawyers, but it seems like this may only necessitate the need for more lawyers to better understand the more complex nature of which accreditation/investor group you fall under rather than helping investors and people who just want to get involved in Crowdfunding. I understand there is a certain level of fear of fraud and so forth, but it seems like in Australia and England things have gone just fine to this point, which makes it odd to see NASAA listing it on its Top 10 fraud list. It also seems unfair that I might still need a huge amount of money to be involved in Crowdfunding rather than allowing more small-time folks to get involved in the process. I believe that this will be worked out and Crowdfunding will prosper here in the States, but I just want the SEC to avoid early pitfalls during the process