Subject: File No. JOBS Act Title II
From: Robert B NAMI
Affiliation: CEO TechnologyCrowdFund

December 26, 2012

If I am not mistaken, by law, the SEC is supposed to have the required regulations published by 1/5/2013. It's Dec 27th and there is no sign of this info.

The last few days of the year, office efficiency at public or private companies is at 40-50% at best and there are only 5 "working" days left between now and the deadline of 1/5/2013.

How much work does the agency plan to do in these 5 days?

I believe the SEC has the responsibility to inform the public of the status of these regulations whether or not the agency can meet whats mandated by law or will there be a delay and if there will be a delay, what is the expected publication date.

What has happened since Apr 5th of 2012 until today has been contrary to the spirit and purpose of JOBS act enabling citizens to stimulate an economy which has been on life support since late 2008.