Subject: File No. JOBS Act Title II
From: Shiraz Moosajee
Affiliation: CEO, Cascade Broadband Inc.

April 16, 2012

My comment relates to the revised rules exempting offerings from general solicitation to accredited investors, which I believe is a very welcome change.

Cascade Broadband is a company formed to provide broadband access to residential homes in predominantly rural America. The need for this service has been acknowledged by academics, the FCC and President Obama and has spurred many initiatives. However, there still remains some 25 million homes which lack broadband.

In meeting this market opportunity, Cascade Broadband, is seeking capital from accredited investors and believes that the ability to now advertise its offering, particularly in those rural communities it seeks to provide service in, will jumpstart capital formation and its business. Additionally, Cascade believes that its ability to advertise an offering on its website, to which consumers seeking broadband service visit to check coverage areas, is of vital importance. Website visitors are self-selecting and the ability to attract their interest in an offer represents a win-win situation.

Thank you and I applaud the SEC acting within the specified 90 days to revise its rules against general solicitation, so that we may seize on the initiatives and reforms enabled by the JOB's Act to stimulate business expansion and job hiring.