Subject: File No. JOBS Act Title I
From: E A D
Affiliation: Math goldman sachs fan .

June 2, 2013

While Goldman Sachs I am a citezen a republican and if the audiors are wrong then best better be a Goldman frineds and not wanting to hit up Goldman Sachs for cash SEC OIG if the federal agency is wrong pay back double time what the invsetor loss in the beging thThis item highlights any disagreements between the company and its auditors and accountants. Such disagreements can cause difficulties with the validity of financial statements and with Regulation S-X, so are rarely reported under this item reward and special investors bankers on law suits that the fedeal deals you federal agency I want to be with goldman and you SEC stay away form the big time money here I'll write down for you for respect of me a consumer if I spend 40 minues on something to Golman Sachs it' money but to the fedeal office it's protecting remember WE I the people of the USA so you need me and I don't need the federal agency well I wiki up an out put called feed back now do something about mu UI unemployment Under Section 16 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 directors, officers, and principal stockholders must file reports and must do so within certain time deadlines. Item 405 requires the company to examine these filings and, if any were late, to reveal this in a report in this section.