Subject: File No. JOBS Act Title I
From: Christopher Calendar
Affiliation: Management

June 27, 2012

Not sure that the SEC nor other agencies are actually regulating. This causes great concerns and grevances regarding The JOBS Act. The most popular offshore banking and investment country is The USA due to regulatory capacities in preventing overwhelming fraud and theft. I'm not sure how this adds to any of that or to create jobs. This seems rather to take away what little oversight there is in IPO Hedgefund financiers. These are the same people who help to secure huge bonuses and monies for those (unlicenced) corporate titans who are allowed to privatize benefits and finances publically held companies and funds. The once private Pension system is now mostly government held, trillions (49+) in private debt comming due, Banks get free money and taxpayers unable to afford any groundswell to the economy beyond M1/M2 while many insurer's can't even payout claims in a timely manner. I believe William H Donaldson left the SEC due to his being prevented from regulating, now it's gonna be legal to not have regulations? I'm having little faith in government anymore.