Subject: File No. JOBS Act Title I
From: Rogelio T Gloria

December 9, 2012

The Jobs Act has not been successful which was based on previous expenditure by various different administration. It may due to the metric used to determine this fact (Amount and time of recovery as demonstrated by Chartfile: Small.jpg). This many be due to a lot of States used the money to pay existing debt such as Health Care and Pubic safety through third party companies and organization receiving the funding. This boils down to ethics and common sense. In order to stimulate the economy, growth must occur by enlarging the tax base. One way is to increase business and increase new customers. This would mean exploring new ideas such as developing new states from existing states such as Texas or California. This drastically provide upward mobility across all industry. For example, the House of Representative has been growing in accordance with Title 1. However, the Senate has been politically unbalancing the Legislative branch in just over fifty years since induction of Hawaii. Politically upward mobility in just adding four states or more should be explored within this century. This would introduce a stem of immigration of young people to help developed these state while providing upward mobility of aging US population.

(Attached File #1: general-211.pdf)