Subject: File No. JOBS Act Title I
From: Dan J Petit
Affiliation: ASE L-1 Educator for Advanced Automotive Systems

August 29, 2012

We need a completely secured category status of this excellent idea in this way:

I would like to open an advanced tech school for 4 year experienced technicians. (I have already trained over 1200 techs in 311 shops over 7 years, but now need a formal locations setting).
I want to secure stock sales to real property, but want no fees from brokerages that could decline investor's holdings in the real commercial property. As the property value incrases here in Austin, the property taxes will be satisfied and offset with a stock proceeds margin remaining, and, to issue an annual dividend better than average. The intellectual property of the school would not be part of this secured offering. But regulations would be needed so that the expectatons of stockholders would be properly and formally defined. Reserves from sales of stock of a regulated percent need to be defined so that in special cases, other than long term liquidity might be satisfied.
Thank you for these efforts, as I am certain that they can transform American investment once again for quick job growth through effective technical advancement.

Most Respectfully,
Dan Petit.