Subject: File No. JOBS Act Title I
From: Michael G Katzenmeyer

July 1, 2012

I am very concerned about the way our Congress is mishandling our failed economic policies of the past.I would like to know why they haven't been held accountable for being so irresponsible about dealing with, and in fact changing the failed policies of the past. They are doing everything they can to allow people who don't need more money to strip away everybody in the middle classes' ability to have a safe avenue to reach their retirement objectives.I'm fed up with all of the illegal loopholes that the congress is providing for people who don't need them. When are people going to wake up and pay attention, and vote to get some people to represent the best interests of ALL Americans.Do you realize that, in most countries, if the law makers were doing there what is going on here they would be found as criminals, and be jailed for conspiring to rip off this country.I,along with the majority of taxpayers, don't have a problem with paying OUR fair share--in fact we don't have anyone lobbying for us to bend the rules to suit our greed. When is it going to stop? I guess not until the voters realize that the power is in their hands--- they just need to sieze the opportunity, and vote these crooks out of office