Subject: File No. JOBS Act Title I
From: Eddy L David
Affiliation: Private Investor-AAII

June 28, 2012

Balance needs to be restored to our financial investment regulations. A well-regulated militia is required to protect our country, not a gang of drunken cowboys (no offense to sober cowboys)with six-guns blazing.

Why not a well-regulated, fraud-free, investment arena to protect both private and commercial investors/traders?

Any behavior can lead to excessive manipulation of financial markets and justified in the "sacred" name of Liquidity.

The SEC has failed in its responsibility to maintain a financial house of integrity and moral responsibility that is required IF we are to maintain any semblance of leadership in future Global Financial and Investment Management.

Consolidate the toothless fragments of financial over-sight/psuedo regulatory agencies into a coherent organization willing and able to restore the order and respect of all the participants