Subject: File No.
From: William Collins
Affiliation: Engineer

June 20, 2017

Dear Chairman Clayton:

I feel very strongly that it is the SEC's responsibility to protect all citizens of the United States including those who have saved money and invested it for their retirement, which I believe the federal government has encouraged all of us to do through favorable tax treatments. Therefore, I do not support any relaxation in regulations or policies that were designed to protect the citizen investor. I believe the SEC should mandate that all brokers and investment professionals must put the needs and interests of their clients before all others including the brokerage firms for whom they work. The SEC must promote regulations and policies that protect the citizen investor by requiring that the first and only duty of brokers and investment professionals is to their clients. The SEC must not advantage the investment houses and brokerages at the expense of the citizens, like myself, who have worked hard to save and invest for their future retirement. Thank you for your consideration.


William Collins