Subject: File No.
From: Neil Fitzgerald

June 10, 2017

I support updating the rules of conduct to eliminate conflicts of interest that the old rules create. One of the reasons I have never used an investment advisor, is under the old rules I see there being to much incentive for them to act as little more than salesman - pushing product that maximizes there income, not mine.

With the coming wave of retirements, now more then ever it is important to give individuals the right tools and advice to properly plan for retirement, and for them to have sufficient savings for retirement. Money diverted from this goal, will push the burden of these individual shortfalls onto the public sphere.

Creating an environment that individuals can be assured they are getting trustworthy and good investment advice is critical to help individuals take personal responsibility for their retirement investing.

The old rules have failed to assure that people are getting good advice. Some get good advice, others do not. Something new is required to reduce occurances of abuses under the old rules.