Subject: IA BD Conduct Standards
From: D.M. Safian

Sept. 14, 2017

Dear SEC

In Aug of 2014, I rolled over my 401k retirement account into an IRA with Citi Personal Wealth Management, the same brokerage managing my Stock account.I had no knowledge of any future DOL RESTRICTIVE Govt regulation upon IRA's.

Had I known of such a Govt. controlled ruling, there is no way in hell I would have removed and converted my 401 into an IRA!!!!!

I did NOT contract for this and should be allowed to dissolve this / ALL other IRA's without any fees, taxes, and put it into my own savings account to personally regulate.The Govt has absolutely no right whatsoever to totally control and now totally hold my "IRA" HOSTAGE fromany potential and future earning power !!!

I, the IRA holder, am the only person with total and complete power to control my hard earned $$$ from my 30 years of employment which took great personal sacrifice to save .How dare the Govt Control my financial destiny!!!Because of this DOL rule, my IRA account is now in the RED- A NEGATIVE LOSS!!!While the financial market is booming, my IRA is totally restricted from any participation by this unlawful DOL ruling!!

The Govt has absolutely no right preventing investors from obtaining the required advice to manage a lucrative IRA account.Without this advice, many investors, such as myself, are totally lost and as a result , their IRA's are too!!!

I put my IRA into the same brokerage as my Stock account specifically to obtain the advice of my Stock advisor.Why is my advisor qualified to advise me on my Stock account, but not on my IRA??? This is ludicrous and illogical!!!

I trust and depend upon my Advisors advice, which is pertinent to increasing the potential earning power of all my accounts.

My IRA was progressing nicely until I received notice of the new DOL Fiduciary Rule in effect June 9, 2017, which I received no knowledge of by CPWM, until the day before it went into effect

Now I am told by CPWM brokerage that my IRA is now "ON HOLD". I have cash sitting at 0% interest and I am told I cannot use this cash to add any securities with this money unless I open up yet another IRA per DOL rule.That is not going to happen!!

In all honesty, one needs an Attorney to decipher and explain the rhetoric and terms of the DOL Rule.I am just an average , hard working individual, trying to save and make my IRA grow to adequately sustain me in my retirement years.

Now, because of this DOL rule, my advisor informed me that she is now "FORBIDDEN" from giving me any advice upon my request regarding any holdings, both present and future, within my IRA. I am frustrated beyond belief.I cannot believe the Govt has taken a controllinghold over and is holding the money that took me 30 years of hard work to save, HOSTAGE!! That isn't their $$ to control!!!How is this remotely legal???

So now what am I to do???I am so totally outraged!!!I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO !!!I do not possess access to or the financial knowledge of"Buy" rated investment opportunities available with which to supplement my IRA and I shouldn't be forced into a "Fee Based" account.Again, I did not contract for this UNLAWFUL GOVT control over my IRA and my financial livelihood!!!

MyIRA holds my ENTIRE retirement $$$$, which is in now in ORPHANED / ABANDONED status all because of this unfair , unlawful Govt restriction instituted by the Democratic Obama Administration.Leave it to the Democrats to totally ruin the economic progress of all hard working individuals.The Democrats hate for anyone to make money and prosper.

I have GREAT RESPECT for President Trump and I urge both him and Secretary Acosta, to totally squash and overturn this unlawful and unjust DOL IRA ruling.It is NOT in the best interest of any hard working individual saving to sustain themselves and their families in retirement years.Control of ones money belongs solely in the hands of the individual who earned it and not the Govt.

I have another smaller IRA with AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company ( Equi-Vest) [redacted], and they won't even answer basic questions about my IRA account that I have with them, stating they are forbidden to give advice.They have my money, but I can't even get confirmation regarding the terms of my account which I opened with them in the 1970's - 1980's.I am so frustrated with them as well.I would like to file a formal complaint with the SEC against this company.Again, now I have yet another Abandoned/Orphaned account all because of this Obama DOL IRA rule meant to impoverish us all!!!

I thank you most graciously.