Subject: Standards of Conduct for Investment Advisers and Broker-Dealers
From: Thomas Blazier

July 21, 2017

Securities and Exchange Commission,
When investors turn to financial professionals for advice, they expect and deserve advice that’s in their best interests. But some “advisers” who work for broker-dealers are not always required to meet that standard, and some may even be paid in ways that reward them for putting the interests of the firm ahead of the best interests of the customer. Investors lose out on tens of billions of dollars in investment returns each year when these conflicted advisers recommend inferior investment products that pay them more. I urge the Securities and Exchange Commission to adopt new rules, modeled on the Department of Labor’s rule for retirement investment advice, requiring brokers to act in their customers’ best interests and requiring firms to reduce conflicts that undermine that standard. Investors don’t need more boilerplate disclosures, they need real protections from industry practices that put their financial well-being at risk. Nixon adopted the tenants of Hitler hijacking the party of Lincoln and paved the path for every republican since. Dirty ,underhanded, corrupt ,criminal, mendacious is the way of the republican party. They do it with guns in their hands and god on their side. The criminal NRA contributes actually all their agenda too pure evil. Lincoln was an atheist and did not believe in prayer, the scriptures or that god is on your side, he also did not compose or deliver the Gettysburg Address with the words under god, There are authenticated copies in his handwriting with out it you will never be able to explain away. I understand this plea will be ignored and you will rubber stamp what ever the crooked republicans want whoring after the criminal banks and insurance companies for their kick-backs and pay-off's. I guess my only hope is the people will take another look at Marxism what a shame it would be that the will of the people demand the confiscation of assets of the handful of people that own this country and nationalize them. I was actually swindled by one of these. I turned them into every agency I could. They have it set up so you can not sue them. I persisted calling their local branch telling them of their crooked lying advisor in the end I lost all interest but they had me still sign a agreement not to sue each other and returned my investment after a little over two years. The set up was 100% in their favor ,in the end they could not stand the publicity of me telling everyone I know how he showed me other peoples finical papers, putting his finger over their name and telling "Look how much money they make".
thomas blazier