Subject: Standards of Conduct for Investment Advisers and Broker-Dealers
From: David Bjorkman

July 22, 2017

Securities and Exchange Commission,
This comment is probably useless, due to the apparent lack of caring for the middle and lower class by our own government. I'm going to try anyways. What else can we do? I can not give a large campaign contribution to "grease the skids", due to being retired and just hanging on.
The fiduciary rule came into being due to people being financially hurt by advisors who did not have their clients best interest at heart. Not all of them, but enough so that it became a recognized problem. Sure, it means more paperwork for these folks, but it will protect the American public.
There is no reason to change or remove this rule. The cries from Wall Street just show how much it's needed to stay the way written.
Please do not allow the implementation of this rule be delayed or changed. This is America's people calling out to you. Do not let our voices be drowned out by financial types with their money and influence.
I hope you read this and are moved.
David Bjorkman