From: James A. Peck

June 13, 2017

Dear Sirs :
This is in regard to Retirement Saver's, and the fiduciary conduct rules being imposed by the DOL.

I for one, have multiple retirement accounts with my stock broker, both commission And fee based. I do my own investing,
do my own homework, and evaluations, during the investing process, and only use my broker as a conduit for access to the
markets. I also have fee based and commission accounts, that are taxable. All these accounts for SELF- DIRECTED.

I do NOT NEED- BIG BROTHER - establishing more rules and regulations, that will disturb, or cause me to grief, or  that would
disturb the present fiduciary arrangements. My broker is Stifel Nicolaus, and they do a good job, of handling my accounts.

Please STOP, establishing more "Constraint's" , on what has been sufficient fiduciary responsibility , on their part. They have called,
and said, " I would have to make changes in the way my accounts are set up " ??  That is just NUTS.

IT AIN'T BROKE, SO STOP TRYING TO FIX IT. IF other folk's have lost money, or not, due to bad advise, or too many fee's, then they can
change broker's. Let the market work, and stay out of my business. 

James A. Peck