Subject: emerging-markets
From: Joel Alan Caplan

August 6, 2020

   Subject: File No. emerging-markets
   From: Joel Alan Caplan, Caplan
   Affiliation: Mr.


   Members of the SEC and Director Jay Clayton,

   Please again see my comments from July 15, 2020. I thank you all for
   your service.

   I pray and hope that you will see from the dozens and dozens of
   similar comments on this Comment Line the vast injustice and continued
   systemic and formulaic stock frauds that are perpetuated on the US
   Investor community due to fabricated accounting with absolutely no
   accountability whatsoever for the bad actors nor any recourse for
   defrauded shareholders like myself and tens of thousands of others.
   (Please pay particular attention to the letter from Carson Block.

   I believe the individuals on this board have been courteous and polite
   despite more than a decade of awareness and knowledge about these
   egregious frauds. The SEC began issuing warnings as far back as 2011
   and did nothing to stop the frauds from continuing or hold the bad
   actors accountable.

   Now, for the sake of justice and for the interests of our National
   Security, please let me suggest the following video and report by CNN
   about what happens when a government or a governmental agency
   continues to willfully ignore warning after warning after warning year
   after year after year. Explosions like this take place. Is that what
   you want to see in our financial markets?

   THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS. So, please do what is right and just.

   And, therefore. . . .

   Vigorously pursue payment on your own Court Judgments already
   amounting to billions of dollars against Chinese companies that have
   gone illegally dark and disappeared with investor money. Additionally,
   levy a "theft tax" against the remaining Chinese companies for aiding
   and abetting this continual assault on our market. Then create a
   "victim compensation fund" and a "fair fund" based on "fair value"
   determined by United States Courts for companies that are already in
   Receiverships for the full amount of the Court Judgements. (See
   attached Court Judgement 9542-VCMR)

   The only way to stop the ongoing travesty of justice is to TAKE
   ACTION. Otherwise, we can expect this to go on indefinitely (and this
   will turn our financial markets into Casinos. Is that what you want?)

   For full transcripts see the following:

   For others that might read this, here is an audio synopsis with a
   radio interview with the Center for Security Policy by myself and
   Roger Robinson who was a keynote speaker at this roundtable.

(Attached File #1:cll9-7529123-222127