From: Roger Osborne
Sent: March 19, 2016
Subject: RE: Disclosure Effectiveness Review

The SEC and its commissioners should continue to work on a rule requiring political disclosure from public companies, in the interests of their shareholders. Businesses should not be empowered to use backdoor political channels like nonprofits or associations to do their political bidding, and shareholders have a right to know how executives are using company resources for political purposes — especially if those purposes are against shareholders' interests.

You can't fix the corruption in this country by letting it continue or making it legal. Corporations should not be able to bribe by any other name politicians and presidents to install their people in non-elected key positions in Federal agencies. A well know example of this is installing Monsanto's man in charge of the FDA so he can bury the detrimental results of the FDA's own study on Roundup and it harmful effects to health and environment. The examples are numerous and effect every non-elected appointment. This has to stop unless you intend to let America collapse from the corruption and greed of the few.

Do you support continued corruption or change to a real government of the people?

Roger Osborne

Carmichael, CA