From: Sherilyn Wells
Sent: March 19, 2016
Subject: RE: Disclosure Effectiveness Review

There's an analogy here: Take heed of the recent victory in Washington courts, indicting the Grocery Manufacturers Association for their deceptive practices during the campaign battle re labeling of GMOs. Take note of the massive tsunami of calls that Senators received as protests over the DARK Act were expressed in the strongest terms possible.

Just as consumers have a right to know full details re their food, shareholders have a right to know full details re their corporation's political activity. WE WANT DISCLOSURE. FULL DISCLOSURE. Corporate political contributions and behind-the-scene machinations are no exception.

The SEC and its commissioners should stop delaying the creation of a rule (in other words, stop "working on it" and JUST DO IT) requiring full, transparent political disclosure from public companies.

NO more use of backdoor proxies like nonprofits or other associations to hide the corporation's real involvement in the political system. Come out from behind that curtain...


Sherilyn Wells

Bellingham, WA