From: Sally Oesterling
Sent: March 19, 2016
Subject: RE: Disclosure Effectiveness Review

The SEC and its commissioners should continue to work on a rule requiring political disclosure from public companies, in the interests of their shareholders. Businesses should not be empowered to use backdoor political channels like nonprofits or associations to do their political bidding, and shareholders have a right to know how executives are using company resources for political purposes — especially if those purposes are against shareholders' interests. This whole financial tangle was triggered by Citizens' United," a huge error in judgment made by the Supreme Court — even one of the justices says it was an error. There is a huge movement to undo "Citizens United," so damaging is it to our democracy. How about if the SEC admits the damage CU is doing and joins millions of U.S. citizens in attempting to overturn CU. Then businesses would not feel empowered to use "backdoor political channels" to influence political and corporate decisions. .As it is now, just about anything goes in the way of using money as influence. It is a sad state of affairs in a democracy.

Sally Oesterling

Silver Spring, MD