Subject: File No. DF Title XV - Specialized Disclosures
From: Brian Dutoi


I am e-mailing to comment on the implementation of the Conflict Minerals Act, 15 U.S.C. 78m (p)(1)(A)(i). I deeply support the Act because as Americans we have a duty to support legitimate business growth in developing countries. Furthermore, the abhorrent nature of the conflict in DRC that is fueled by illicit traffic in minerals necessitates the bold step of supply chain monitoring and reporting.

It can be very difficult to effectively implement supply chain measures due to the depths and distances involved. When these difficulties are overcome, another challenge waits: ensuring that legitimate businesses are not "collateral damage," which could have disastrous effects on the market and local economy. Therefore I implore the SEC to be thorough and circumspect as it determines how these laws should be implemented. They must be thorough and fair; the consequences are more rape and murder in the DRC.

Thank you and good luck,

Brian Dutoi

1410 Meridian St.
Charlottesvilelle VA 22902