Subject: File No. DF - Other Initiatives
From: Ed Griffith
Affiliation: New Progressive Alliance

May 6, 2014

New Progressive Alliance

The New Progressive Alliance at urges you to neither delay nor dilute with amendments and exceptions in reissuing a strong final rule on Section 1504 of the Dodd–Frank Act. Its what the American people expect, its what investors want, and it is needed to prevent another economic collapse.
We note with concern that oil and gas companies – already the beneficiaries of federal loans, tax write offs, land grants, and subsidies unavailable to renewable energy – want to block transparency by not publishing what political contributions they make or details of other deals. This lack of transparency was a leading cause of the last economic collapse and a big reason for the creation of the Dodd–Frank Act.
The longer the delay and the more exceptions are added to the Dodd–Frank Act the weaker and less effective it becomes. Please do not delay or weaken it.