Subject: File No. DF Title VII - Anti-Manipulation Protections
From: Tony Waterer

September 7, 2010

Please, please, please bring back the uptick rule, or some better version of it. The markets will only get well when confidence is restored, and there will be no wide spread confidence while shorts and high frequency traders use the markets of America like a wild west town. The path to a recovered economy comes from confidence in the financial markets ..... and that can only come from a level playing field.

There are many kinds of patriotism, and small investers believe in this country and want to help it get well again, but as long as no one looks out for them, and their very important investments, there is no chance for a lasting recovery. It is the small investor with his 10, 20, 30 thousand dollar investments in equities that signify the health of the markets, and America's financial well being. Until those people feel safe to re-enter the equities market, the economy will flounder. Make the markets fair for everyone. Thanks, Tony