Subject: File No. DF Title VI - Prohibitions
From: John A Claras

March 16, 2011

To promote the strength of our corporations and ensure our democracy endures, we need to separate the President from the Chairman of the board on all corporations larger than 1000 employees and/or with assets larger than $5 billion (adjusted for inflation). We must ensure that each board member has an arms length relationship to the company and its officers is independent to question the Presidents and Chairmans actions. We must insure that Presidents and Chairmans compensation is approved by the stockholders and that one half of all bonuses be in the form of long-term compensation such as stock which cannot be sold for 5 years after the person leaves the corporation. To preserve the peoples Democracy we must insure that all political contributions be disclosed and approved by stockholders. This one provision will help save this country from political corruption.