Subject: File No. DF Title IX - Whistleblower
From: Mary Jane Sutliff
Affiliation: JD

February 8, 2011

Re: Credit Scores and Banking

The Whistleblower Act does not adequately address concumer knowledge of unlawful, unethical or illegal activities. After applying for a loan and receiving it as a "preapproved" customer I tired to understand the credit scoring process which, as a result of an uncredited return, lowered my credit score 100 points.

The "Bank" which was was "issuing" the alert on my account as "unpaid" was unreachable. That "Bank" is owned by another company which "assures clients of a stream of information to help business grow". That "information" includes working with their "customers" to insure higher returns by working with the collection agency "bank" to lower scores. This is making it impossible for individuals with years of great credit (me) to get a loan.

Please advise on the appropriate "Whistleblower" mechanism for this kind of documented case.