Subject: File No. DF Title IX - Whistleblower
From: Alex Hoover

December 16, 2010

I have been following the posting on website - early movers were corporate lawyers interested in maintaining status-quo, i.e., make the whistleblower legislation a useless law.

Special interests in government has been successful in cutting off the funding for whistleblower office.

One of the most insidious proposal posted would like to ensure that "whistleblower should be debarred from working in a public company forever", i.e., cut means of employment for the whistleblower so that the brave person starves to death.

I think the current form of whistleblower law does not provide for significant protection and ability to stand up retaliate against the whistleblower action.

There should an option for SEC to sponsor case for retaliation for being a whistleblower, when the person has already provided quality information to the SEC.

I would request others to post their comments so that it is not swamped by hired guns of the corporate - who wants to loot the country.