Subject: File No. DF Title IX - Whistleblower
From: Cyndi Bigley

September 27, 2010

FDIC Orders attached

I want to apply for the whistle blowers program by providing information reguarding alledged actions by First Guaranty Bank and Trust bank of Jacksonville, who alledged actions have resulted in massive job losses, massive job creation derailed, and massive abuses of the position of FDIC bank account guardian, loan processor and guardian of sensitive financial information that could be and aledgedly did get used in multi million dollar identity theft.

I noticed the FDIC is now alledgidly "unhappy" with the conduct of this bank and it's owners.

We report this bank has alledged completely fake loans and liens and that they are moving real property assets away from the bank allegidly as we speak.

I hope now that the FDIC has found the banks answers alledgily unacceptable, and that we recieve the same unbelivable responses when we went looking for our deposits, our loan application information and unfortunately our collateral for which we were falsely evicted from.

So please contact me asap so I may provide your investigators with public evidence of "missing" loans, missing real property, and missing deposits from this bank.

At the very least I wish to make certain that all of the many loans and other transactions commited by this bank with and or between First Guaranty Bank and Trust Of Jacksonville, and Howard Shafer, Shafer development,llc, Shafer development group, llc, The Bank of Jacksonville, same loan officer diffrent bank and any and all siezed collateral for those defaulted loans have been completely and fully exposed, including all the alledgily approved SBA 500k loan closing documents prepared for unprompted loan offers to customer, the aleedged IRS alledgedly non existant notice from IRS -the reason given for refusing to allow customer to close accounts and protect cash deposits after it became suspicious of the banks behaviors, the aledgidly missing 23k up to 85k from same FDIC insurend deposits, the alledged "expiring bank signature cards rule" the same employee used to threaten to freeze our accounts bounce our hard working employees checks if we didnt present same day to sign-coincidentally same account that once had 23k in it, the DR219 required to transfer and record real property signed by owner- and if the bank has produced the alledged 1,350,000. aledged insurance fraud documents.

(Attached File #1: whistleblower-14.pdf)