Subject: FDF Title IX - Short Sale Disclosure
From: Ed Schweitzer

September 8, 2010

Dear Sec:

I am an investor that is long in the market. I never short because it is prohibited in and IRA. The market shows all long trades but not the short trades.

This is discrimination. We should be able to see when a sale is short and be able to see what percent of the stock in a company is shorted. Knowing what the short sale totals are after 2 weeks has no value.

There is a rule that if someone is buying 5% of the stock they must report that before acquiring it.

We need a similar rule on short positions.

Short selling destroyed the market in the crash.

The flash crash was also caused by short sales.

Please make it an open transparent market. The short sellers can adapt and make money in ways that are not deceptive.

Ed Schweitzer