Subject: File No. DF Title IX - Lending Borrowing
From: Anonymous

September 3, 2010

I have sought help from every institution available to try to get assistance from actions of predatory lending and mortgage fraud practices made against me. I was told by the NC Attorney General's office that Banco Popular North America had World Bank status and was exempt from NC Chapter % Predatory lending practices. My Current lender is owned by AIG bank. My Hardship affadavit was denied as AIG has the right to refuse to be involved in any FHA program, like Hamp. My first loan was bought by AIG ( American General finances in March of 2008 from Equity ONe owned by Banco Popular North America. After filing complaints with the North Carolina Banking Commission, despite Banco Popular North America Engaging in Predatory loan practices nothing was done. My current Lender American General Finances brough fraudulant papers before a Federal Hearing In Asheville during my Chapter hearing. Despite complaining to the FBI Mortgage Fraud Division I was sent back to the NC Attorney General's office who said Banco Popular North America has Federal exemption protecting the institution from abiding by NC US Chapter % predatory Lending laws. Aig bought the Mortgage and refuses to work with me despite my financial hardship stating only it was in the best interest of it's "Investors". I am a home owner not a mortgage bundled security. My Loan was allowed to be bought by a non-fha lender so the falsely appraised "speculated " appraisals would not hurt the investors as AIG has their investors protected against default by insuring those mortgages against default,. Despite profiting by stripping the equity out of my home, not following US housing code guidelines of me and my wife going to consumer credit counseling before closing on a subprime 8.48 % mortgage. Numerous violations were done to me as a desperate homeowner who refinanced as appraisals always came in at expected values by appraisers raising my property value of my home by 99,000.00 in 18 months. My current loan document from american General Finances clearly states the wrong payments overcharging me for months. Despite getting amortization schedules shoing this discrepency nothing , no help is given with AIG continuing its process of foreclosure sending me to FHA institutions for assistance when AIG does not have to abide by FHA programs to help distressed homebuyers. I contacted Richard Burr, Senator of North Carolina. He said the Federal Reserve will look into this matter and took my loan #'s...nothing. I observed that the same person who owns Equity One, owned by Banco Popular North America a man that also sits as one of the Chairman on the Federal Reserve Board in New York. How can I file a complaint againgt a bank he owns , filing to the New York Federal Reserve and not be a conflict of interest. In my opinion my case is being shuffled around as to not expose why fha loans were sold to non fha lenders who insured mortgages against default as a win win situation for AIG bank. I was never told Banco Popular of North America was federally exempt from predatory lending laws when I purchased my mortgage through Equity One. Who in Chicago Illinois in 1992 was also accused of prdeatory lending practices by puttng unsuspecting home owners into mortgages they could not afford. stripping equity, loan flipping, padding mortgages with false products as prescription packages or home security plans which turned out useless. I ask why the state of North Carolina allowed a world bank top practice banking/lending in the state of North Carolina and not have to abide by Predatory lending practices. Why did North Carolina and perhaps other states allow world banks such privlidges to fleece homeowners out of their American dream. My current Bank, American General finances out of murphy NC took fradulent documents before a federal judge in asheville. Despite asking for help I am ignored or shuffled around in circles. I reserched this matter dilligently but due to financial hardship, now health issues I can not afford legal representation. I hope the Securities excvhange commission looks into these practices not just in North Carolina but other sytates as well leaving people not eligible for HAMP programs because our mortgages were quickly sold to non-fha lenders to protect the investors and not the homeowners. Despite making profits on risky boroowers by falsely appraising tier 3 risky borrower homes at more than the value of the home. Home insurance companies never questioned why these institutions asked for so much more in insurance coverage when it was a lot more in insurance coverage than the home was worth as well. It seems allegedly they were all in it together. Refinance to pay credit card bills, so the banks get lump sum payments from stripping equity to pay debts incurred from getting into mortgages people could not afford. Alll these banks were insured against default. we are bankrupt, soon to be homeless based on being fleeced by these institutions.
I ask for the opportunity to present my case before the security exchange commission with every one , bank, lenders, present before the commision to answer my questions as to justify their actions before the commission. Maybe the lenders will answer their behaviors to you and shed light onto why home borrowers who are distressed can not get help. The investors are protected at the cost of the home borrowers, the government bailing out AIG, yet AIG is exempt from FHA or HAMP programs despite huge profits made by bundled mortgage securities and the "intricate complexities" involved.
These are allegations I wish to have investigated by the Securities Exchange Commission.