Subject: File No. DF Title IX - Lending Borrowing
From: Albert J Sesona

September 3, 2010

A 20 year personal experience adjacent land owner- taxpayer complainer of our Airport Authority Board wasteful spending and expansion of a small town airport, exercising hardship on folks such as this writer, having title to said property in question since 1974, has had no protection from this highly objectionable plunderer of its nearby neighborhood. Acquisition of over 300 parcels of property which no longer pay taxes, punishes and impoverishes the County coffers in dire need of revenue. My property "can not" be sold, having the threatening cloud of eminent domain hanging overhead. therefore, I do not have fee simple title, part and parcel of my grantor. Governing Law seems terribly flawed, here and in my view needs investigation of fiduciary behavior of those appointed as Board members, by a power much higher than this Phd, meaning,,, "poor humble doer"...