Subject: Dodd-Frank Act Title IX: Executive Compensation
From: John Dregni

May 18, 2012

Securities and Exchange commision,
I have long been concerned and occasionally appalled by the disparity between standard employee salaries and wages and that of senior executives. I am a professional human resources and compensation consultant and have watched this drama for fifty years.
Major developed countries in the world like Germany have controls which give some credence to the senior compensation like 13 times that of employees.
We can do it in the USA in a manner that provides a positive spin. Capitalism is not really winner takes as much as they can get. There is an ethic that goes with the responsibility of employment at all levels in an organization including board members.
Techniques could be 20 times some standard salary/wage within an  organization, or progressive taxation such as in Sweden for earnings over X amount.
We can do it and you have my support.
John Dregni