Subject: Dodd-Frank Act Title IX: Executive Compensation
From: Kim Rowlett

August 30, 2012

I urge you to promptly issue a rule requiring public companies to disclose their ratio of CEO-to-worker compensation, as required by Section 953(b) of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. This pay ratio disclosure requirement will help boards of directors and investors evaluate the overall level of CEO compensation relative to other company employees.

The ratio of CEO-to-worker pay is material information for investors for many reasons. Academic studies show that large pay disparities within a company can hurt employee teamwork, productivity, loyalty and motivation. The impact of high levels of CEO pay on employee morale is particularly important in today's weak economy, when workers are being asked to do more for less.

Though the TVA CEO has announced that he would be stepping down from his position, in 4-6 months, he and others at the top of the TVA, have been reported on the local news as having extremely high salaries, which should not be allowed. He needs to be replaced as permanently as possible with a strong, clean energy, environmental, civilrights oriented "Al Gore" type, of person, that will allow more democratic workers unions on all levels of government in TN and all over the south, and also will allow more of a diversity of industries, such as the national park service, and environmental causes, natural tourism,promote more agri/equine/haeritage/history/Civil Rights and AffirmativeAction/NativeAmerican historical, tourism, promote much more progressive liberal higher education with hindrances and roadblocks against getting a higher degree or degrees,and more. Many occupations, etc., would like to be able to DEMOCRATICALLY unionize, such as artists, teachers, nurses,TV news or other media reporters/media personnel, and more. We need more different kinds of businesses in (SE) Tn and all over TN, such as Costco, and other democratic business, that will promote true democratic business, and not oppress everyone,the environment,etc. We need to be able to vote/appoint in many more female friendly, progressive/liberal/moderate/conservative/noncentrist, and environmental democrats in TN, on all levels of Government on state/local/Fed and Presidential levels also, with at least ONE of TN's Senators ALWAYS being a strong environmental democrat as used to be the longstanding "tradition" in the past! Tn's unions, need to be able to engage in collective bargaining, etc., now and in the future, and all students rights, including those that are nontraditional students, need to be respected. We need more appropriate,economicjustice, and democratic wealth redistribution and much less (fraudulent) big banking, and payday lenders in all areas, not only in TN., but all over the south! Tn's democratic vote and true blue political identity do not need to be suppressed on any level including within the labor unions themselves. Thank you.


Kim Rowlett