Subject: ceo pay

May 15, 2012

To Whom It May Concern,

As a middle class working man and a middle class family that works for one of today's top earning companies, Verizon. I urge you to make rules or pass legislation that requires the CEO to average workers pay ratio's public. It is out right wrong that the CEO's of the major companies of this country make on an average 380% more than the worker that works for them. It is time to stop these outlandish bonuses, stock options and payment contracts these CEO's receive. We the working people of these companies are the ones destroying our bodies by working hard each day to give these major companies the opportunity to earn the money they earn and the board of directors and CEO's of these companies outright steal the earnings. It's wrong, these are publicly traded stock companies that pay these CEO's and upper management these outrageous salaries and bonuses, when this money should be shared with the workers and the stock holders. STOP THE INJUSTICE NOW !!!