Subject: Disclose CEO Pay

May 14, 2012

The different pay rates between CEOs and workers is outrageous! I understand that CEOs are the public face of companies, the ship captain, if you will, but to earn 380%, on average, more than those who do the work for their companies is intolerable. Does anybody, really, deserve to earn $240,000 per WEEK when the average worker earns 30,000 - 50, 000 per YEAR? Please stop listening to the lobbyists. I can't afford to pay a lobbyist to stand up for me. In fact, I haven't received a paycheck since November 19, 2011, and, as a self-employed contractor, I'm unable to receive unemployment benefits. And, believe me, 1/10th of one week of a CEO's pay could get me out of the hole and cover my expenses for five months.
So, please insist publicly-traded companies disclose CEO pay.
Thank you.


Kip Goldman

Underemployed Animation Producer