Subject: RE: CEO pay vs. workers pay

May 14, 2012

I'm sending this message because large companies CEOs get wages 380 times as much as their regular workers do. That's OUTRAGEOUS! These people are raking in millions while most of company workers only get standard hourly wages. There's NO excuse for this! It's ridiculous and is hurting our economy. I can see where they would get five or even ten times more than the average company worker, but 380x is way, way out of line! Exactly what do CEOs do that they are getting these kinds of salaries? I can see NO reason for someone getting this kind of pay! Nobody is worth that kind of money. Not even the president of this country makes that much money and he runs the entire country! So why do these CEOs get paid so much money? I'd sure like an answer to that question.

Anyway, it has to stop! I'm sure not going to buy products from some of these big corporations when they waste money like that by paying their CEOs outrageous salaries. It makes no sense whatsoever! CEOs don't need to live like kings.


Donna Bergman