Subject: File No. DF Title IV - Short Selling Fails Study
From: Kristina Leigh Copeland

July 31, 2012


Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Kristina Leigh Copeland, I own Brown Saddle Films and recently released the documentary film "The Wall Street Conspiracy"

Please visit the films web site and view the films trailer

I make films about subjects that I feel are important to the future success of our Country, the medium of film reaches a larger audience.

Naked Short selling is an area of concern.

Here are a few of my films highlights:

What is naked short selling?
It is selling stock in a public company that you do not own and you never deliver to the buyer. Honest people call this stealing. This is done daily by many big banks for themeselves and or their customers.

How can this happen in todays environment?
30 years ago stock physically changed hands in person between a buyer and a seller on Wall Street. Today its done electronically. In many cases the stock is sold electronically, but never delivered. In essence our system has trillions of dollars of stock IOU's that will never be collected.

What is the scope of the problem?
It is the belief of many experts and others that trillions of dollars have been stolen from hard working Americans by selling them counterfeit stock that does not exist. This unscrupulous conduct still exists today.

What are the consequences to average Americans of naked short selling?

1.Steals money from hard working Americans by selling them counterfeit stocks

2. Destroys good public companies that have products that can make all American lives better

3. Has destroyed millions of jobs by destroying these same companies whose stock is being manipulated.

The collapse of the econonmy in 2008 led to an emergency ban on naked short selling..... other countries reacted in the same way and addressed the issue. The United States of America lifted the ban and placed the issue on the calendar for July 2012.... four years later.

I would like to know what is being done at this time to enforce the existing rules and resolve it.

I shall send copies of my film if you are interested in it.

Please advise too whom and an address.

Im supportive of the work you all do, and I hope the film can be helpful.

Kristina Leigh Copeland