Subject: File No. DF Title IV - New Threshold
From: Robert a Mchardy, Mr
Affiliation: Engineer

August 16, 2010

Hedge funds are ruining the open market place., three things need to happen.
1) All hedge no matter of size need to be licensed and registered, this provides the SEC a data base for investigating fraud.

2) transparency is required, all hedge funds need to provide quarterly reports of all trades in an electronic file that is standardized by the SEC and allows the SEC to sort the trade by equity, transaction, date equity seller, equity buyer ETC

3) Naked short selling needs to be prosecuted, Example Dynegy (dyn) was sold last week(8/15/10) below asset cost. The market traded over 240 million shares there are only 120 mil shares in the market place. The naked shorts had to cover and trade double the shares available, rediculous. The hedge funds shorted and drove the common investers out until the officers of the company had enough and went private below asset value. They target medium size companies and manipulate the stock share value to extremes and make money all the way up and down taking advantage of the average investor.