Subject: File No. DF Title II - BD Liquidation
From: Frances Sargent, Ms
Affiliation: Sales

April 5, 2011

Controls and restrictions on the Housing Financial Market is a good thing. Lenders need to disclose to the Borrow, how much money is being made on both the front and the back of a customer's loan. I do not believe the government should take over the industry there is too much "under-the-table" bureaucracy in our government still today. The Mortgage industry should remain as a free enterprise with rules and regulations. Unfortunately, we should have allowed the financial industry to bail them out--they already pilfered our money. What's most disturbing is the decision for voting/implementation of the regulations being placed on hold due to budget concerns. Puleeze Time is MONEY Stop wasting it.

It was said we had to bail-out the financial institutions because if we didnt, it would put America into a deep depression. Excuse me, holding US Petroleum reserves is extremely detrimental. Has anybody taken the time to notice, what THIS IS CURRENLTY doing to our economy?

To me holding reserves is defeating the purpose of releasing trillions of dollars to subsidize industries, create jobs, and increase employment. Hmmm, let me attempt to forecast what is transpiring. Gas prices surged UP and the stock market goes UP. Those who have money invest in petroleum stocks and as they say, "the rich get richer". When government decides we are now in the biggest depression in history, and investors have made an adequate amount of profits, then, government will release the fuel reserves. Who makes the money and what happens to "We the people?" Those who have lost their homes cannot get jobs, salaries have dropped, consumer expenditures have increased due to the outrageous, unnecessary, and unaffordable gas prices, and the Credit Card Companies are rolling in the dough because of exorbitant interest charges. Somebody's making money. In the meantime, other countries are gobbling up our assets, thanks Obama.

Drop in unemployment is over-inflated as individuals are running out of unemployment funds in their account or have chosen to give up pursuing to collect. This is not because individuals have jobs but because its near impossible to reach a "real" unemployment person who can assist with resolving the issue as to why one is not being paid.

Let a government official try to reach a real person at the Unemployment Office. At least in Colorado, it takes anywhere from 30 minutes, up to three hours on hold to reach a person, providing one is lucky enough to be placed on hold. Then while on hold, you can wait for up to an hour or longer. After 7:30 am, forget trying to get through to resolve an unemployment issue and/or lack of payment.

If an individual does not get placed on hold their call might be forwarded to an automated service referring them to an online site. The site basically informs one to either, contact the number they had phoned previously and/or to check their unemployment account which does not offer direct contact through email. Their account might inform them their benefits have been suspended, which they already knew or else wouldn't be on the phone in the first place. It's a vicious circle.

Its appalling the state of affairs the Republicans have placed us in, yet Fox 31 bashes Obama at every opportunity and then some. Its time ALL government officials do their jobs, take care of AMERICA, and STOP FIGHTING.

We need to STOP paying government officials including President's salaries after their term. They should be placed on Cobra, have the SAME benefits as "We the People". Americans are not entitled to such luxuries.

How much do we Americans pay for government officials retirement benefits once they are out of office: salaries, benefits, secret service, etc.? Our fiscal budget is how much??? Their free ride should be over.
On the other hand, what did I hear? Government wants to CUT EDUCATION PROGRAMS, OUTRAGEOUS....
At one time we were the greatest, smartest, industrial country in the world. Where is dropping educational programs, dropping teachers salaries and raising teachers health insurance costs, going to leave our children?
One would think that any middle-class American realizes this. Its depressing we vote representatives into office who have guaranteed us results, and see no difference in the outcomes. How does government expect us to put trust into them? In my opinion, Fox31 should be banned, taken off the air. Shame on Fox31 for encouraging dissention and disruption throughout America. With their propaganda, they are being very successful at splitting the people, which is probably their goal in the first place. Forget it Tea Party, youre not going to get in.

We need government officials who believe in Team Work. When placing government officials into office, as with any employer, we need to know how well they are going to work as a TEAM for AMERICA. It makes sense to me pink slips are in order, 3-month performance evaluations, re-evaluate officials 3-6-9 month plan and what have they accomplished in relation to it, etc. Maybe government needs a HR department represented by a diversification of American voters elected from various income brackets.

Come-on Washington, dont you think its about time you ban together, work as a team, set your goals, and focus upon the important issues? How can we help other countries when we cannot even help ourselves? How are you going to get us there? When are you going to step up to the plate, do your job, and get things done for the BETTER of America? Common Congress stop wasting our money, set limits, rules and regulations on the amount of time necessary to make a decision on a bill. If necessary, write it together, get it Right the First Time

Very Truly Yours,
A Concerned American