Subject: File No. DF Title II - BD Liquidation
From: M Turner
Affiliation: Individual Retail Investor

August 27, 2010

Just for example, watched over 200 million shares of SIRI today, trade between .0955 and .0956.
There is absolutely NO monetary value to .0001 of a cent.
It is unredeemable, and not considered legal tender in any way shape or form. If you think so, please attempt to redeem it.
NO security should EVER be allowed to trade in the ten-thousandths of a cent.
This is how a security can be forced into stagnation for months on end by large funds that hold millions of shares. Doing this type of trade for weeks on end, completely removes the fairness of the security exchange, and should be illegal. IF you have no monetary value to millions of shares traded, what is the goal?