Subject: File No. AM-1
From: Opal L Komora
Affiliation: Telephone Pioneers

February 25, 2014

I manage my own Retirement Money through the help of Charles Schwab - and trade a few "stable stocks" when necessary to help pay my bills.
There are approximately 10 to 15 Stocks that have "gone wild", and have dominated the whole Market - this has been going on for quite some time - and certainly long enough to come to the attention of Stock Analysts - and, where are they.
Depended on them to tell me the value of stocks and downgrade or upgrade them as necessary - are they not working any longer?
Please have someone monitor the Market on "Down Days" to help keep it on a more even keel - understandable that certain news might push Stocks either up or down, however there needs to be a top and bottom set - thanks for your help. It seems the Analysts have lost control - PLEASE HELP
I appreciate any feed-back you can give me. And Thanks Again