Subject: File No. 4-757
From: Dan Jamieson

March 29, 2020

March 29, 2020

Comment re File No. 4-757

Dear Ms. Countryman,

As a retiree and active investor, I support efforts to reform the market data system.

I generally concur with the comments and comment letters of Commissioners Allison Herren Lee, Robert J. Jackson Jr., the Council of Institutional Investors and the Healthy Markets Association, regarding this Notice.

For-profit exchanges cannot regulate themselves, as this Notice proposes. That is what the SEC is supposed to do. Please do so.

I personally find that market data is often stale and inconsistent. Robust, timely data should be a free public good. Any use of delayed data should be discontinued.

In addition, the proposed order should be considered along with the recent market data Infrastructure Proposal.


Dan Jamieson