Subject: File No. 4-725
From: Charles Measley
Affiliation: Fluff Fold

November 13, 2018

Securities Exchange Commissioners,

I am a small business owner political centrist. I have followed the issue of 3rd party proxy advisory firms for nearly a year. Additionally, I have looked into many of these outside organizations. It is clear that there is a strong progressive political agenda pushing these issues before you.

As evidenced by the comment letter from the Center for American Progress, Senator Schatz the half dozen other progressive groups who have submitted letters it is clear that my investments have become a political football.

The fact that progressive special interests are convening with institutional investors like Blackrock to use my investments to push a political agenda that I dont agree with is completely absurd. My investment capitol shouldnt be used as a tool for radical interest groups to hurt companies that I own through their funds. I would feel the same way if it were the NRA and a Pro-Life group.

As an American, I ask that the SEC act immediately and protect shareholders like me from entrenched special interests.

Charles Measley
Highlands, NJ